The Angelic Soldiers: The Way Back


Zulif and a host of demons have been in control of the Earth for the last 2000 years, poisoning the minds and lives of the people, leaving them hopeless, doubtful and in despair. Zulif’s master, X-Ceius, knows that if these demons can continue to keep the people, especially the children, away from their hopes and dreams, a planet named Rotundra, which is attracted to the darkness, will collide with Earth—destroying all who live there.

Fortunately, the High Commander, king of Plantavia, is now free to send the angelic soldiers to Earth. Their mission, help the children find the way back to their hopes, dreams and destiny. If the angelic soldiers are successful and destroy X-Ceius’ evil plans, the Earth will change course and all will be saved from destruction.

The future of the Earth lies in the hands of the children—they are Earth’s only hope.

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