My Journey With Jesus

I just want to say, thanks for all your kind word and words of encouragement that  I’ve received. I know I haven’t been writing lately, but our Lord Jesus is keeping me busy in the valley, or more like the desert at times. Now this is not a bad thing that I am going through, even though sometimes I “think” it is and I end up whining like a baby :) it is all for my growth and edification in Christ. And when I grow, change, heal, learn, do it a different way, I am able to help/serve others to find their way through this dark and chaotic world – and I feel sooo much better too. I have been learning a great deal and growing in Christ as I have said, and soon I will be sharing what He has shown me on my journey. What I can share with you is that, the more I  choose to have a personal relationship with Christ and ask Him to help me deal and heal  my inner self, worldly self, selfishness, anger, guilt, shames, beliefs that are not of Him, but of the world, the lies that the enemy/Satan told me that I took on in my childhood and brought them with me into adulthood,  and all the others things that steal my joy, peace, destiny, love, or lets just say all the good things of Christ, the more I can see how loving, kind, gentle, compassionate, Christ Jesus is. I KID YOU NOT! (Whew! Sorry for the long sentence!) I’ve never meet anyone in this world that has the kindness of Christ, and as I grow and learn, He heals and then places that kindness into my heart. I love kindness. It is so wonderful to be kind and not feel anger or resentment, or bitterness – it is unbelievable what He has filled my heart and Soul with and how He has heal my Spirit too. (I still have stuff! I’m not perfect! And I am certainly not walking this earth as Christ did? But I do have a lot of peace, love, joy, etc. and wisdom most days, because I still  have to go through the valley to continue my learning and on those days I might be a bear, but I’ve been heal enough to feel His great love for me and this humbles my heart and makes me very much in love with Him. And when I love someone like that, it is easier to “trust” and walk along side Him and receive or accept what He is wanting me to see and learn, so that I may be healed in another area of my life.)

Now with all that said, I will share something with you. You know how we have people in our lives that sometimes just really push our buttons or do things we don’t like or treat us a certain way we don’t appreciate? Well, I was always praying to Jesus to change or fix them and I really wouldn’t see any difference; however, when I started to heal and He was changing and fixing me, I started to see a change/healing in them when I prayed. So, first of all we need to take a look inside our hearts first to see if it is us, or is it them. And the only one who can show you the truth about the matter/situation is Christ Jesus. So, do you ask  Jesus to show you, or do you keep your life and all things the same. See that is where some of our free will is – making a choice to see the truth. Now if you want to see the truth, He will take you there.  I decided to go and walk with Him so that I may learn about me and what was going on inside, and why my life was as it was and why people would treat me as they did. (Long sentence – again!)  It’s a decision. A decision I do not regret at all, even when the “storm” was bigger then the state of Texas, I hung on!!!  He says to come to Him and He will heal you and He will help you. You can trust Him. I did and I do. More then anyone, I trust Him. Even when my flesh says not to, I just have to remember how many times I have seen Him  part the ”Red Sea” for me.  He will heal that area in your heart and Soul and you ”will” see a difference inside your heart and in your life. It might take a some time, just hang on to Him and keep moving forward and TRUST HIM. It will feel like He has left you or He doesn’t love you, but in His word/Bible He said that He will never leave you or forsake you – He has never left me once! And even when I feel like He has, I just keep on talking to Him and praying to Him like He is right beside me, because in Spirit, He really is.  And when I finally overcome what it is that He is helping me with, I feel His love and presence once again and  my joy has increased. Be at peace because He is real and He really does love you – ask Him to fill your heart and Soul with His grace, truth and love, and it will be the beginning to a wonderful new life in Christ Jesus. Love you all, DJ

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