Anger, Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Oh My!

These emotions can be very powerful and damaging to our heart/Soul. Anger is an emotion we feel when we have been hurt, rejected, disappointed, deceived, etc.  It’s a situation that might have wounded us terribly. Now, do you have a right to be angry if any of the above has happened to you? Yes, you do! It’s called righteous anger. Some people say that because we are Christ followers we are not to become angry. Well, that’s not true. Jesus showed anger toward the money changers in His Father’s temple by tipping over the table etc. He was also angry with the Pharisees, and He called them a bunch of Vipers! So, Jesus didn’t say not to become angry, when someone hurts you, He said not to let the sun go down on your anger, or in other words, don’t hang onto it and allow yourself to stew in it over night, because if you do, you open a door for Satan. (When you allow anger or bitterness to control your Soul, you will see how you respond to certain situations. Like if someone offends you, you might say, ”Off with their head!” or “They deserve what they get!” If you feel this way, you are operating from the bitterness in your Soul. So, you might be asking, then how do I get rid of this anger? I’ve learned that the only way to overcome anger is to forgive that person for hurting you, disappointing you, deceiving you, etc. Okay, I hear ya, easier said then done. But it is the only way; otherwise, you will hang onto your anger, and the only thing it will do is harden your heart and make you bitter inside your Soul. Have you ever notice how mean people can become? The things they say and do sometimes, they are just plain mean. That is because they have been hurt, they have never let go of the offense/hurt or forgave the other person for what they did to them. The anger will come out somewhere, at sometime, toward someone, and it is usually toward someone “we”  love. Now, sometimes we justify our anger. What do I mean by that? We start to believe we have a right to be anger with them and stay that way. It’s called, self-righteous anger. We justify it by saying that they don’t deserve to be forgiven! I will never forgive them or let this go! I know that some of these wound run deep and so does the anger toward that person who we trusted, but it is not for their benefit that we forgive them, it’s for our benefit! If we keep holding on to it and continue to hold on to all the offenses and never forgive from our heart, that anger will only turn into bitterness and possibly make us mean toward others. And how can we love or be loved when our hearts are closed off and/or become harden? That is why forgiveness is so important. It frees you from the transgression, the offense, the hurt, the wounds.  Then once you decide to forgive from your heart and lay it down, then Christ can come in and help you to forgive, attend to your wound, your hurt, etc.,  and heal that area in your life! Yes, Jesus helps us to forgive from our hearts to where you will no longer hold on to the offense, the memory of it will begin to fade, and it can no longer sting your heart. If you hang on to the anger, it shuts Him out and it gives Satan a foothold to that area in your heart - and let me tell you, you do not want Satan to take hold of anything! Satan is rotten to the core and that’s all he wants to do is destroy you. That is what pleases Satan. If you have anger/bitterness it will also cause you to become very defiant. So, if you are defiant, take a look into your heart. Did someone hurt you? Did someone deceive you? Go to Christ Jesus and ask Him to help you with the pain and to let this nasty anger/bitterness go, so you can forgive them. Now do you need to go to that person and tell them that they hurt you and that you have forgiven them? Sometimes you need to. Sometime you don’t. I went to Christ with my unforgiveness because I didn’t want to hurt someone who had hurt me (because I knew that they didn’t know how much they hurt me – I hope that makes sense) and I knew that Jesus would help me. He is the only one who could take away the pain and heal the wound. Now did I just go back into the buddy, buddy relationship that I once had with them. No. I protected my heart. And that is what Christ says to do, protect your heart. I didn’t shut them out, I was just cautious with my heart; however, some people I did stop hanging-out with because I just didn’t want to be treated poorly anymore, so I left the friendship or relationship. Now, some of you have no other choice but to see these people who have hurt you in school or work etc. Just ask Jesus to help you with the situation. Tell the Lord that you don’t want to hold on to this hurt any longer or the anger that you still have, help me to forgive so I can heal. So, pray for yourself, pray for them, ask the Lord to give you strength. Keep Him close and He will help you. He might not be able to change the situation, because they have to make a choice (see there is our free will again at work) to change, and they might not be ready to take a look at their anger and their pain. But you keep on asking Christ for their healing, because that is what they need  – a great big healing!  Now, some people do not know how much they hurt others. They have no idea. I’m not justifying their behavior, I just know that hurting people hurt others. Like I said, I’m not justifying them, I just understand it because of what I went through. So, if you cannot move from the situation, then stay close to Jesus by talking to Him every day. The Bible says that there is freedom in Christ, Jesus, and I can honestly say that there is; otherwise, I would not be able to share with you what I have learned and how much I have healed. So, is there someone you need to forgive? If you say, I have forgiven them, but I won’t forget. Then you haven’t forgiven. Everyone that I have forgiven, I don’t remember what the issue was and if I do, it no longer stings my heart.  Take care. I’ll write again soon.  Love you all!  DJ

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  1. Rachelle Rachelle September 11th, 2014 at 1:31 pm 1

    Thank you!!!!!!! Not only for who you are, but for who God has called you to be in this world!! Much love .

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